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Accessories of Environmental protective construction materials

Daquan Group’s Wuhan ZhenJin Wall Material Additives Scientific Research Co., Ltd is aimed to provide equipment’s adjusting, installation material production, whole supporting service for their clients. It is able to secure the installation with no worries and ensure the success of machinery installation and debugging, while providing additives for the panels to help clients with the functioning of production and high quality output.

Lightweight Wall Panel Adhesive

It is one kind of high-intensity wall panel adhesive which uses cement as gelatinizer, adds macro-molecular polymer and inorganic powder as water-binding agents and is compounded with fixed ratio.

Anti-crack Mortar


DQ-1Anti-crack mortar is powder-like and compounded with parascending dry
 mixing technique, including #42.5 normal Portland cement, anti-crack material and additives. Its main function is leveling as the outer layer for exterior walls and it could work better with alkali-resisting fiber glass mesh cloth, and reinforce the anti-crack performance to improve the quality and make sure the surface won’t crack, as a kind of necessary material for installing and warm keeping projects.

Advanced Flexible Anti-Crack Tape


Good flexibility and excellent anti-crack performance. Ultra thin and soft. Easy to use and secure. Environment protective, best use for gypsum board, bake-lite plate, all kinds of panels and splice/joint decorations.

Fiberglass Mesh Cloth


Fiberglass mesh cloth is made by soaking and coating with macro-molecular latex on the basis of fiberglass woven fabric. Therefore it has nice alkali-resistance performance, good flexibility and strong tensile strength of weft, and could be widely applied to heat insulation/waterproof/anti-crack projects.
Fiberglass mesh cloth is mainly on alkali resistant fiberglass mesh cloth, which uses non-alkali fiberglass yarn (whose main components are silicate minerals and has good chemical stability), and high temperature heat styled by alkali-resistant liquid and enhancer after it’s specially leno-weaved.